Our story takes place in the epicenter of human activity, right here and now. Expansion is the common goal of our existence while the universal forces of good and evil are at play, as they always have been.

Some time ago, the body of Humanity got infected with an evil virus of greed. It was easy for this virus to spread and gain power since it has been cleverly presenting itself as a legitimate part of expansion.

In the name of improvement, more and more people accepted greed as the norm in our society. Now, people seam to just go about their business ultimately trying to survive by making more money than they spend. After all, expansion is of the essence.

As above, so below. As below, so above.

Each person can also be seen as a single cell in a large organism we call Humanity. Our environment and our conditioning is what dictates our behaviors. Here is the catch: Those who can control our environment can control us.

It is more than apparent that the evil forces strategically took over the control of this large organism that we all live in as individual little cells. As the virus grows and spreads through the body of Humanity, millions of unaware individuals continue to live their complicated lives and die their untimely deaths. Our organism is majorly infected and we are heading for self-destruction!

Right now, the “Evil Greed Alliance” is ruling the World with increasing aggression. The public is confused, sick, scared and easily manipulated. Powerful forces are working together to diminish individuality and to keep the minds of unsuspecting people closed to the ancient truths and rightful powers of human kind.

Their goal is to keep our physical bodies in a state of toxic shock and to keep our minds in perpetual worry and constant state of stress, so we can be easily controlled and manipulated in every way.

Thankfully, by the law of compensation, the defenses are now on the rise in our wonderful organism. The more powerful the virus, the more active the immune system of the body will become.

It is in the time of darkness and evil intentions, positive units of light power come to existence throughout our planet to bring about balance into our way of being.

Universe Gives was born as one of those units of the Light Force because of a universal desire to expand, to grow and to be happy, to live with love and joy, and to share it all with those who need it.

Universe Gives acts as an “enzyme” released in support of our natural immune system. We are here to help individual cells to re-gain control of their physical, emotional and mental environment, to be in a better shape in order to live and to create fulfilling reality for us all.

Universe Gives is a small newly formed nonprofit with a big mission – to improve the World. In time, we will grow and expand powered by our vision, good will and support of our allies.

Striving for balance, Universe Gives acts in the opposite direction from greed. We foster ways for personal improvement, we give, we help, we share… We allow positive thoughts and elevated mindsets. We embrace creative and joyful behaviors. We support relaxed and excited attitudes.

We are here to improve people’s lives through the timeless power of art and rhythm. We build environments suitable for creative relaxation with color light and sound frequencies, art supplies and rhythm instruments. We present art and rhythm activities as beneficial practice for achieving improved states of being.

Universe Gives organizes creative activities for people to be able to gain personal access to higher vibrations. We suggest people focus on the process of being creative more than on the final piece of work. With our Art & Rhythm practices, we teach coping techniques that can be successfully used as a defense against current troubles of our lives and as tools to create experiences we desire.

We want to make it easy and fun for our kids, for our elders, for people in recovery, and for those going through a difficult transition in their lives to be able to “escape” their stressful reality for a brief time, on a regular basis. Doing this can allow the organism of a person, or an individual cell in the organism of Humanity to grow and regenerate instead of depleting while fighting for survival.

Our vehicle is Art & Rhythm! Anyone can ride it. There is enough room for everyone!

While Universe Gives exists to help others, at this time, we too need support in order to succeed in our mission. We do believe that only together we can improve the way the story of Humanity goes! We must not let the greed virus ruin the bright future of infinite possibilities for everyone.

Join us by becoming aware of your own unique abilities to control your vibrations, your thoughts, your actions, and your life!

Life is Art. Rhythm compensates.

Universe Gives