Our creative programs are designed and implemented to improve individuals’ life experience with art, music and dance.


Art To The People!

  • Youth  (After School Art Program Pilot is now in session at Cerritos Elementary School in Glendale)
  • Aging (In Development)
  • In Recovery


1. Art In The Park

This is a great summer program for the whole family to enjoy. Free art supplies are brought to community parks to engage local kids and their parents in creative activities together. Everyone is always welcome to join these fun art sessions in the park.

Art In The Park is a free public event that takes place on a weekly basis.

We pick a park for the event and then announce the location, date and time on our event page and through social media.

Usually Art In The Park takes place on a chosen Saturday afternoon, between 4 and 6 pm. It has been extremely well received by the community and we are hoping to, one day, reach a point where an art supply table will be as easy to find in a city park as an ice cream cart.



2. COLORLIGHTHOUSE – Creative Relaxation Studio / Fundraising

This program is ongoing and it is aimed to assist people in recovery with supplemental products and services we offer. All incoming donations are used to help with our operational costs including supplies, equipment, transportation as well as new program development.

Colorlighthouse helps individuals to achieve a more balanced state of mind with our creative relaxation techniques and colored light applications while it also helps Universe Gives to develop better programs.



Improving Life Experience Through The Arts

Improving Lives Through Art & Rhythm


3. Art To The PeopleSenior Art & Dance Sessions for The Aging Community

4. Room To Dance – Sustainable Rehearsal Space / Dance Studio

5. Feel Good – Uplifting Products and Services / Fundraising

6. A Place To Be – Supportive Housing For Artists