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Improving Lives Through Art & Rhythm



UNIVERSE GIVES INC is a California Public Benefit Corporation 501 (c) 3.

We are a Nonprofit organization formed to foster alternative support systems addressing unique needs of individuals, their families, and the communities they live in.

We want to make it easy and fun for people of any age to learn how to relax creatively, how to relieve stress and how to enjoy themselves more on a regular basis with art, music and dance. We bring art supplies and rhythm instruments where people otherwise would have no access to them, but may need it the most! We work with public schools, senior centers, hospitals, and community parks.




It is our mission to present art and rhythm activities as beneficial practice for the kids, the aging, and people in recovery – improving their lives through Art & Rhythm.



  • To bring art and rhythm activities back to schools via after-school Art & Rhythm programs (connecting volunteers with their school districts)
  • To develop preventative support systems that allow individuals to grow, develop, and thrive
  • To foster creative wellness practices (art classes, rhythm workshops, dance, creative meditation)
  • To improve the lives of people affected by stress, emotional or financial hardship (youth, veterans, seniors, individuals in recovery, underprivileged groups…)
  • To enrich the community at large by providing supportive services to individuals in search of personal improvement (personal transformation workshops, creative inspiration events, alternative education)
  • To support artistic communities by creating official alliances (supportive housing and services for the artists, affordable work spaces, neighborhood beautification programs)


The Arts

An act of producing imaginative and original works in any format is what we refer to as THE ARTS. Fine art, graphic and applied arts, music, dance and theater are the avenues we illuminate for the interested participants. We promote the benefits of practicing THE ARTS when it comes to individual development, personal growth, coping, rehabilitation, and prevention of illness or disorders.


Self-Expression is a fundamental human need that should not be suppressed! It should be carried out on multiple levels to ensure a natural energy flow through the body and the mind. Creative outlets such as poetry, art, music, and dance can allow for experiencing higher levels of self-awareness. Showing people different ways they can exercise their natural need for self-expression is what we do.

Giving / Nurturing

Having access to mental and emotional nourishment is ultimately as important as having food and shelter. Nurturing one’s unique abilities can allow for true growth and self-improvement. Giving people more opportunities to be creative, joyful, interested, focused, and engaged is what we are aiming for with our creative programs.


We are all creators of our own realities. We are born to create! Creativity must be nurtured in people of all ages. Finding new ways to exercise creativity leads to discovering new experiences, acquiring new skills, and producing new creative works of art. Creative thinking leads to problem solving and invention, while creative visualization is a vital skill when it comes to self-healing and manifesting desired change.

Fun / Recreation

Science proved that having fun allows for healthy cell regeneration in the body. Being in a state of joy and excitement opens energy portals in the mind that remain out of reach in any other mental state. Experiencing joy on a regular basis can prevent stress, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and many other ailments and disorders. There must be time allocated for fun and recreation to lead a balanced life.

Family / Community

A worldwide study on happiness showed that regardless of nationality, social status, religion, age, or sexual orientation, the happiest people are the ones living surrounded with close family and friends. Our families form our neighborhoods and the communities we live in. Our personal core values and beliefs originate from our families. Social skills, communication skills, and problem solving skills are first learned and applied within the family and carried out into the community. Improving the quality of life for individuals, their families and the communities they live in is where we focus our attention.


Everyone is powerful in their own right. The experience of standing in one’s own power is an essential component of ultimate personal growth and well-being. Such empowering feelings are the effects of making creative choices and decisions that make one feel able and excited in the moment while feeling calm and safe within the realm of the creative process. We strive to deliver opportunities for these empowering feelings to be experienced by people through music and the arts.



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